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Inside The Shed

The Shed is based on a group of jolly characters that all came together to form the story of The Potting Shed… they are the heart and inspiration of our food, beer and cocktail menus and bring the Shed to life… we hope you grow to love them as much as we do and follow their story and adventures in the Shed...

Angus & his allotment

Angus is the heart of the Shed and it is his character that led to the creation of The Potting Shed… His story goes a bit like this… After a lot of years living a quiet little life in a tiny little village growing his award winning fruit and veggies and collecting old junk, Angus finally got the courage to share his life and produce with the rest of the world… he gathered all his worldly possessions together in The Potting Shed and reached out to his old pals to help make his dreams come true.

Billy the Fisherman

Billy and Angus have a very close bond ever since they shared a mysterious adventure on a fishing trip in Loch Ness… some say they came head to head with the Lochness monster… but they have never spoken about their trip (living by the 'what happens on tour, stays on tour' rule)… Billy was the first port of call for Angus in his new venture as he was known far and wide for catching the biggest and the best prize winning fish.

Farmer Campbell

Farmer Campbell is one of Angus’s oldest friends and has been since they were wee boys in short trousers. They have both always had a love for food, and as soon as their trousers got a bit longer, Campbell set up his own farm and took pride in rearing the best cattle known to man.

Farmer Hamish

Hamish and Angus go back a long way too, Angus helped Hamish find his niche in life… chickens. After he was placed runner up to Angus in the 'biggest marrow' competition Hamish finally gave up on veggies and turned to chickens, which he discovered he was very good at.

Farmer Jock

Farmer Jock (also known as the joker of the group) is the jolliest character of all and pigs are his thing… he is all about the 'pork' and still tells people his school day stories about being named 'King of Sausage'. It's Jock that brings the pork to the menu… along with his home brew beer.


Morag has always been the apple of Angus's eye, they have been courting since 1963, they still live in their own little houses, but go on date night every Wednesday... Morag has many talents, not only is she a keen dairy farmer but she is also partial to a cocktail or two... Morag is the inspiration behind our delicious desserts and our unique Potting Shed cocktails.